Bureaucratic Baroque


Bureaucratic Baroque (2017), Exhibition Art/WORK: 55 Ukrainian and Polish Artists, Mystetkyi Arsenal, Kyiv, and Wroclaw Railway Contemporary  Gallery


This project is dedicated to the interaction between an artist and an institution in the epoch of post-mechanical digital reproduction. A Baroque plague column is taken as a figurative symbol of the long-lasting crisis in the art scene and the society.

With a reference to the institutional critique, the chaotic and the grotesque unite in the neo-Baroque figures of the project. These figures persist in a particular ontological conflict. The bureaucracy of the art institutions is presented as kitsch, but also as a structured system that lies in the basis of the dynamics of the conflict.  Black-and-white graphics that is based on the intersections or “transparency” of figures creates the certain effect of the reflection of such conflict.

The Baroque imagery that is anachronic for the contemporary culture reflects on the statement by Omar Calabrese of the closeness of postmodernism to (neo)Baroque. This ambitious Baroque balancing between the excess and the void (on the edge of the void: Alain Badiou) are characteristic for contemporary art institutions, as well as they are anachronisms in the digital epoch.

Digital print on wallpaper, 600 x 250 cm (dimensions variable)

This is an ongoing project that is currently expanded to 12 digital works.

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