Mind Burrow (2010)


Authors: Sveta Bedareva (Svitlana Biedarieva),Kristino Rav
Date and place: May, 27th – June, 1st, 2010 Pärmivabrik Kultuuritehas Festival, Tartu, Estonia

Two artists worked in a closed space for four days using just old wallpaper and paints, without almost any sleep and rest. They had the same musical track and no clue of time. The variety of meanings in the room formed a kind of web, confusing and illogical, as it was a result of the spontaneous process of creation and unpredictable influences. The project was open to the public while the artists did not interact with the viewers. The aim of the project was to construct a scene which metaphorically resembled how Alice fell into the rabbit burrow, flowing the in the timeless matter.

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