Personal Studio (2012)


Date and place: 24 February 2012 – 9 March 2012, Artistic Residency ‘Mecklenburg Inspires’, Kühlungsborn, Germany

The project focuses on the problem which many young artists face: lack or absence of personal space for making art. The start of the project took place in the small resort city in German Riviera. In order to research hypothetical alternative possibilities for obtaining personal space and to present a problem in a metaphoric way, I used large carton boxes as mobile studios. The inner surface of each box was used for painting.

When the space for work was over, a box was becoming an independent work of art and had to be changed to another one. During the project, I painted inside these constructions in the public places of the town (I chose those with the natural environment such as a forest and a coast), interacted with viewers, and then displayed the boxes as art objects in the exhibition ‘Baltic Inspirations’ at the Kunsthalle Kühlungsborn.

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