(Un)Touchable Nudes (2012-2014)



Mixed media painting

This series of mixed media paintings argues with such problematic topics of art history as a figurative representation of women and the borders of a female body in artistic work. Re-interpreting classical paintings by Amedeo Modigliani, Edgar Degas, Kees Van Dongen, Francisco Goya, and Egon Schiele, it focuses on visualized vulnerability and objectification of femininity that becomes a fetishized art object.

Controversial materials, such as bubble wrap and barbed wire speak of danger and socially restricted sexual connotations present in art. The barbed wire borderline does not connect figures to the paintings, but goes beyond them, towards a three-dimensional construction of space. Metaphorically, the pleasure of art here is combined with the pleasure of destroying wrap bubbles or leaving them untouched.

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